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Holistic Herd Health Management Specialists

Julie & Alex Becker
160482 County Road C
Mitchell, NE 69357
Phone: (308) 623-2627

Premiere Cashmere Breeding Stock & Breeding Services!

All Cashmere goats at Hi-Plains Cashmere are specially selected for their:

Due to the natural disposition of these goats health, little if any medicating is needed. However for the various maintainance needs and occassional "doctoring" situations we at Hi-Plains have found all-natural, also known as Holistic Health Approaches, appropriate for health management situations.

We have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Also the degree of Australian or New Zealand Import Cashmere percentage may be selected from our specially offered does, doelings, and bucks. We are especially proud of the response to our higher producing, baby-soft youngsters of super white Cashmere! We feel that this has all been accomplished from the unique selection process of dam and sire, as well as the attention paid to the nutritional program. This includes an all natural free choice supplement that to date seems to have encouraged a balanced body, quality fleece and other economical factors important to these special Cashmere critters.

Feel free to contact us concerning our special offerings of Hi-Plains Cashmere does, doelings, and young bucks and see what a difference this unique genetic source of holistically raised premium Cashmere can do for you. You'll find that these Hi-Plains Cashmeres Drovide a unique edge to production at an economical price!


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