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Automatic Family Size Convenience

For Automatic family size convenience, the Precision Pure 8-8 Distiller’s, hands-off, fully automatic operation is designed with the busy customer in mind. This automatic distiller allows you to go about your busy day, with the secure feeling that when you need it 8 gallons of the purest steam distilled drinking water is available at your fingertips, without the extra work and inconvenience of handling bottles. The outstanding features of this advanced design include: being constructed with high quality easy to clean mirror finish stainless steel; a user-friendly easy to change and long lasting charcoal filter; and a ¾” impurities drain system. Combine these outstanding features with the optional pump kit and automatic drain, and your busy schedule will just have become easier.

Model 8-8
Distilled Capacity: 8.0 US gal. 
      (30.0 L)/24 hrs*
Holding tank Capacity: 8.0 US 
      gal. (30.0 L)
Shipping Weight: 64.0 lbs. 
      (29.1 kg)

Height 46”116.8cm
Depth 11”  27.9cm
Width 171/2” 44.5cm
Weight 52lb 23.6kg

Volts   Amps   Hertz   Watt
120v      9.2        60    1100
220v      5.0   50/60    1100


The Precision Pure PWS 8-8 Water Distiller is a result of over 25 years of distillation manufacturing experience. Its features and benefits provide the very best water system for steam distilled drinking water requirements. The Precision Pure PWS 8-8 provides safe pure water at home for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. 

The Precision Pure PWS 8-8 Water Distiller duplicates natures own method of purifying water. This highly reliable process for purifying water combines distillation with a high capacity activated carbon filter providing clean, great tasting water. 

Your Precision Pure PWS 8-8 is the most advanced water distiller on the market today. It is designed with many user-friendly features:

  1. Your water distiller is connected to your household water supply. The raw water feeds into the distiller through a ¼” water line (1). This line is connected to a quick connect plumbing fitting. As the raw water enters the distiller it passes through a long life stainless steel sealed solenoid and then directly into the boiler chamber (2).
  1. After the water reaches a level over the heating element (3), the distiller starts the heating cycle and brings the water to boil. The pure steam (4) rises and enters the baffle system (5), which breaks down any foaming in the boiler should it occur.        
  1. Any volatile gases are released through a special gas release vent at the highest point in the cooler system (6). The pure steam passes through the condenser coil (7). To support the cooling cycle a fan is used to properly cool the steam (8).
  1. Pure water enters the easy to change, high capacity, charcoal filter (9). This filter is designed to be changed after every 1250 gallons of distilled water produced or once a year.
  1. Finally distilled water leaves the charcoal filter and runs into the high capacity stainless steel storage tank (10).
  1. As the distilled water enters the storage tank, the water level lifts the pump control switch and activates the optional pump (11) to deliver distilled water to any combination of accessory faucet, ice maker or humidifier.
  1. The distiller will continue to run until the water reaches to the top of the storage tank and lifts the upper float (12) and turns itself off. As soon as you have used approximately half of the capacity of the tank, the float (13) will turn on the distiller to refill the boiling tank.
  1. The automatic electric drain valve system (15), if equipped, automatically drains the impurities from the boiling tank each time the distiller completes the distillation cycle and as the valve closes the distiller boiling tank will refill with raw water and the distillation cycle will start again.
  1. The demand pump system (11), if equipped, connects to the bottom of the storage tank and electrically plugs into the bottom of the distiller head (16). A built in-fuse protects the pump.


  • Trouble free floating system

  • Seal protected switching

  • Highly efficient, stainless steel finned coil

  • Advanced, worry free stainless steel water solenoid fill valve

  • Large 5” boiling and storage tank opening

  • Expanded ¾” drain for easy flushing

  • Charcoal filter- replaceable annually

  • Warranty
    1 year parts and labor
    10 year pro rated on stainless steel


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