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Tips and Hints

  • Alta Vista
  • Exact-word searches are the default.
  • Search for links in pages (link:
  • Supports AND, OR, NEAR, & AND NOT (NEAR returns words that are within 10 words of one another).
  • To find the true power of Altavista you should learn to use the advanced search language.
  • Excite
    • You can enter natural-language sentences as search queries.
    • Supports AND, OR, AND NOT and NOT
  • Hotbot
    • You can choose to search for "all the words", "any of the words", a phrase, a person, or URL corresponding to what you put in the box.
    • One of the most powerful search engines, fully graphical, and is a must for advanced searching.
  • Infoseek
    • Allows you to search more than just the Web. Look for email addresses, business directory listings etc.
  • Lycos
    • Search for sounds, pictures or subjects though the A2Z catalog, as well as general Web searching.
    • placing a period (.) after the a word (prairieweb.) will force it to an exact match.
  • Magellan
    • Magellan rates and reviews web pages, and also has "green light" sights that have no adult content.
  • Open Text Index
    • Search for either a words or phrase.
    • PowerSearch supports AND, OR, BUT NOT, NEAR(words within 80 words of selected word) and FOLLOWED BY.
  • WebCrawler
    • Good website reviews
    • Supports AND, OR, and NOT logical operators.
  • Yahoo!
    • A directory of prescreened sites.
    • Defaults to logical AND when entering search words (gets pages containing all words)
    • An excellent starting point for web searching

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