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Please use these links to find helpful information on correcting the most common tech support problems that our technicians answer on a daily basis. If you are unable to resolve your problem with the included help you may wish to try some of the additional sources listed at the left before calling PrairieWeb Tech support staff members.

To get the most out of a support phone call; 

Be in front of your computer
Have the exact wording of any error messages
Be prepared to duplicate the problem 
Have your PrairieWeb CD available 
Know your username and password

Settings: Check here for a list of the most critical settings needed to make a connection to PrairieWeb Dial-up PPP Services
Email Troubleshooting: Email not working? Check the tips listed here to find a solution
Setup a Second PrairieWeb E-Mail: This will guide you through setting up a second PrairieWeb E-Mail Account.
Connection problems: Frequent Disconnects? New Modem? Timeout problems? Check here for tips on keeping a 'pristine' Internet connection.
Glossary Definitions for common Internet Terminology.
Happ99.exe E-mail Virus Here is the instructions on removing the Happ99.exe E-mail Virus.
ISDN Explanation Want to know what ISDN is all about?
Read about it here.
Question Corner Archived Questions and Answers that appear in the Monthly Newsletter.
V.90 Explanation Want to know what 56K is all about?  Then check this out.
Kak Worm Virus Cleaner Click on the link to download the file to clean the Kak worm Virus.  Choose "Open this file from current location"
If you get some type of vb*.dll error message download and run this file.
Navidad Worm Virus Cleaner Click on the link to download the file to clean the Navidad Worm.  Choose "Save this file to disk" select the A drive.  Run the file on the infected computer.