PrairieWeb Extra E-mail Setup


Your extra E-mail account will work for e-mail only, you must still dial into PrairieWeb with your original PrairieWeb account username and password.  This document will guide you though setting up your new e-mail account in Outlook Express 5.0.  Please print this page to use when you are setting up your new E-Mail account.




Step 1.


Open up Outlook Express and click on File, Identities, Add New Identity…
















Step 2.


Type in the Name that you want to appear when you send your e-mail like:

John Smith. Then click the OK button.


If you don’t want anybody else to get into your e-mail you can make it require you to enter a password each time by checking the Require password box.

Note: if you forget this password PrairieWeb can not look it up for you and you will have to delete all of your mail and make a new identity to get back in.













Step 3.


It will now ask you to switch to the new Identity that you have created.  Click on Yes.






Step 4.


The Internet connection Wizard should start up after it switches Identities.  Choose “Create a new Internet mail account” and click Next.
















Step 5.


Type in your Name as you would like it to appear when people receive e-mail from you like:

John Smith


Then click Next.














Step 6.


Choose “I already have an e-mail address that I’d like to use.” Then type in your E-mail address like:

make certain that prairieweb is spelled correctly and that it is all lowercase.


Then click Next.











Step 7.


Make sure “My incoming mail server” has POP3 selected.



in both the Incoming mail and Outgoing mail server lines.


Then click Next.













Step 8.


The “Account name:” should already have the front of your e-mail address in it.


Type in the password you chose in the Password line.  Make certain you enter your password in all lowercase.


Then click Next.












Step 9.


You’ve entered all of the information.  Now click on Finish.


















Your extra E-mail account is now setup.  If you get a “Outlook Express Import” screen after you press finish just click cancel on it, and click ok when it asks you whether you really want to cancel the import wizard.


To switch to another Identity with a different e-mail address click on File, Switch Identities and choose the Identity you want to check and send e-mail for and click Ok.  When your done checking e-mail you can log-off the identity by clicking on File, Close and log-off Identity.  This will keep other people who use the computer out of your e-mail.



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