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Are you being disconnected or not making a connection?

Review the instructions you used when first installing the PrairieWeb software and be sure all the settings are correct.
Call-waiting may interrupt a call. If you have call-waiting, disable it by clicking on the Dial Properties button on the Connect To screen that comes up when you double-click on the PrairieWeb connection icon in Dial-Up Networking.
Any other devices connected to the line can disrupt your connection. If you have a fax machine (or fax software in your computer), or an answering machine, disable them, or better yet, connect directly to the wall jack, and see if it makes a difference. Even nearby electrical devices may cause problems.
Check for loose connections of any kind to or from the computer, modem or wall jack. The lines themselves may have defects; they may need to be replaced (either phone lines or modem cables).
Line noise is a frequent culprit for dropped connections. Try to make the lines in your own building as pristine as possible, unconnected to and away from other electrical devices. You can ask the phone company to check your lines, but they usually only check them for "voice grade", whereas modem communications require much cleaner lines ("data grade").
Some modems have a difficult time completing and maintaining a solid "handshake". Be sure that you have the latest driver or firmware for your modem installed. Most modem manufacturers maintain websites where the latest drivers can be downloaded. (You may need to use a friend's computer.) Even if you recently purchased your modem, it may not have the latest driver. It may also be that you will need to add extra commands to the modem's initialization string to make a good connection

Timeout While Downloading Files

PrairieWeb's Servers will automatically Disconnect you after 14 minutes of inactivity. It is not uncommon for a file download to 'look' like inactivity and cause a disconnect. To solve this problem, open your email reader during large file downloads.
High volumes of Internet Traffic beyond PrairieWeb's control can sometimes cause Web Pages, Graphics and download files to timeout before they are complete. Either refresh the page or try the download at a later time.

New Modem Not Working?

Check to be sure you have correctly loaded the new Modem's device drivers into Windows95
If it is a US Robotics X2 modem - try adding 3 commas(,,,) to the end of the phone number you are dialing. This will help your X2 modem connect to PrairieWeb's K56 Flex 56kbs modems by ignoring  the high speed tones.
You may need to upgrade your modems Firmware to the latest version - contact your Modem Manufacturer for details on your particular modem

Busy Signals?

It will not be uncommon to receive a busy signal occasionally during Prairieweb's High use time periods.  Usually the busiest times are from 5 - 8pm weekdays and various afternoon hours on Weekends. The best thing to do is wait 5 - 10 minutes and try your call again.
If busy signals persist for many hours at a time, check to make sure your phone line is undamaged - plug a telephone into the same line and check for a tone. If the there is a tone, Call your local connection number and listen for a busy signal. If busy, please wait 5 - 10 minutes and try again. If the line is ok and your tests revealed no busy signal on the line, check your computer for the correct dial and modem settings.
On rare occasions, Prairieweb may be experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment. If the busy signal persists for unusually long periods of time, please call our support technicians.