The PrairieWeb Technical Support Department has received numerous indications that a new "virus" which is currently floating around the internet has been affecting some of our customers. We want to clarify that this is not an actual "virus", but it can certainly raise havoc with email and mail servers as these messages multiply! The nature of this "virus" is that it attaches itself to email messages and the sender has no knowledge of it happening.

The attachment which carries the virus is a simple attachment called "Happy99" and when the attachment is opened, the viewer sees a simple display of fireworks. Please note that the virus does NOT affect Macs, DOS, Windows 3.1, OS/2, Linux or WebTV operating systems. If you think you may have received/opened this attachment we suggest you do the following to see if you really do have this virus on your system:

Go to "Start", then to "Find", and "Files/Folders". In the "Named" box, type in *.ska and make sure it is "Looking In" your entire 'C' drive. Click on the "Find Now" button.

If you find the little critter showing up on this search, please go to the following URL on the Internet -- this URL seems to have the best instructions and you can print out their pages and have an easy solution for getting rid of it. Just make sure you follow the directions completely.

Ska Virus Info

Since this is a system-related issue, our Technical Support Department is unable to provide phone assistance in removing this "virus" from your system. Please DO NOT call Technical Support for this issue. Referring to the above URL will give you all the help you need for removing it from your system.

As a general rule, it is unsafe to run (execute) ANY attachment sent to you via email unless you are absolutely certain that it does not contain a virus. Regardless of the source. PrairieWeb support staff strongly recommends you install, update and use anti-virus software.

We are including a couple of other URLs which you can refer to for additional information.

Proland Software/Virus Info